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How Much Does Direct Mail Cost?

Depending on the size of your mailing list and your mailing process, the costs involved in a direct mail campaign can vary. Some marketers spend as little as a dollar per piece, while others spend upwards of $10 per piece. Some of the factors that affect your direct mail marketing costs are your mailing list, the size of your mailing, the type of design you use, and the postage rate you use.

If you are looking to send a message to a lot of people, you may want to consider sending a postcard. Postcards are an economical way to announce an event or make a quick announcement. They can be printed for as little as a penny each. However, you will want to choose the format that best suits your message and your budget.

The average direct mail campaign costs between $0.30 and $3.00 per piece. The price per thousand is based on the cost of producing one thousand "impressions" of your direct mail piece. A direct mail campaign may cost anywhere from $500 to $22,000 per year.

The most expensive part of a direct mail marketing campaign is the design. You can do your own design or hire a professional. An in-house design can cost around $1 per template, while a professional can charge up to $500 for a complex job.

The Data and Marketing Association says that the most cost effective direct mail design is a letter-sized postcard. Typical mailers are 8.5" x 11" letters. However, you can also choose a more upscale design for a few dollars more.


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